I was called in to check the feng shui for a restaurant yesterday. I am always happy to do feng shui for restaurants, I have done many restaurants in Sydney, and most of them have doubled or tripled their business after the consultation.

My client has an Asian restaurant  located in one of the most sought after suburbs — Neutral Bay. They took over the restaurant for nearly a year, but income could not cover the outgoings, and they  risk losing their house.

Restaurant is fire related business, not every one suitable to do this business. I drew up the Bazi for the owner, and found that his fire element is excessively strong, he needs metal, earth and water to balance it. He can do better with selling soup,  drinks or coffee than stir fries. Walking around the restaurant, I found the following information: the property is facing East, sitting West, based on the Gua number of the person, the facing direction is unlucky,  it is facing Five Ghosts direction; the SE side of the restaurant is an intersection of two roads, with much traffic, the harbour is in the south and west from the restaurant, but the water is more than 1km away which is not much benefit to the restaurant.  The land slopes gently  from NE to SW, luckily there is a building in the SW to support the Qi flow.  The stove is one of the most important factors for restaurant. The position of the fire may bring you good or bad fortune. Unfortunately, the stove of the restaurant is in bad position; a bathroom tap is leaking constantly for few months (my client told me that plumbers couldn’t find the switch of the tap); a big storage area is very dark.

Based on the analysis, I recommended my client to set up a water fountain in front according to my water formula to help collect the positive qi; to block up certain part of the glass wall in order to hold the energy; to correct the fire energy without moving the stove; install long life lights to add yang energy  the dark area; to fix the leaking tap at all costs; adjust the menu, implement sales of  drinks; change painting colour to his lucky colour.

I believe and wish my suggestions can revise  the fate of this restaurant. About 300 metres from this restaurant is another Asian restaurant which was designed by me two years ago, and it has been very successful. So why not this one as well?