Feng Shui for Cemeteries is important in China and SE Asia. Most Feng Shui masters in China are doing more feng shui for cemeteries than for houses or offices. In Ancient China, feng shui was originally developed for cemeteries. We call it yin house feng shui. The wealthy or high status Chinese hired feng shui masters to seek  an auspicious plot to bury them when they died,  to ensure the continued abundance and success for future generations. In modern China, once again, feng shui for cemeteries has become one of the main concerns for many families.

However, in Australia, the demand for feng shui for home and offices is increasing , but there are few demands for feng shui for cemeteries. A big part of my feng shui skills were gained in China. The Yang house feng shui is derived from yin house feng shui. Recently, an old client who knew my skills, who was happy with my work and knew I can do yin house feng shui, asked me to select a family plot for his family. He is a Vietnamese Chinese, has eight siblings in his family, more than 28 members.

I selected a good day to do this. The day turned out  to be a perfect. Half of my clients siblings were attending the meeting. The site is in the memorial park is at Camden Valley Way, Leppington. It is about one and half hour drive from the city.

It is a new development on the hill side, a large pond lies at the bottom of the hill. There are already a few graves there. I examed each available site carefully, and at last found the best plot for the family.

The main method I used for this task was Yang Gong Feng Shui. The beauty of Yang Gong Feng Shui is that there have complicated but precise formulae to achieve the three harmonies. Based on the water mouth, I use the heaven plate on the compass to define the formation, and the earth plate on the compass to select the dragon. The facing and sitting directions must follow the dragon, therefore to achieve heaven, earth and mankind combine to one. It called Three Harmonies.

A family plot in this site costs about AUD150,000.  I was told that every family there had invited a feng shui master. I checked a few graves, and found one of plots was built to the point.