CeruIt was great to be part of the Ceru restaurant opening celebration today. My family and I enjoyed good food and had great time there. The most important thing for me was to see how the restaurant turned out after my feng shui consultations.

Ceru is a successful UK restaurant. A few months ago, the celebrity chef Tom Kime (from London) contacted me to look at a vacant restaurant at Potts Point. He was keen to open a Ceru Restaurant in Sydney.

We walked around the vacant restaurant, I told him that this was a bad feng shui place. It is a W shape, the door opened to a laneway. The whole set up made the restaurant look like a sinking ship. It was no surprise to me to hear the bad histories of previous restaurants in this location.

Potts Point is a busy area, but previous owners of the restaurant had all been forced to close down. Despite the odd shape and bad history of the place, Ceru had decided to take it.

Through my careful study and detailed analysis for the place and the location, I provided feng shui recommendations for the restaurant. It including using a different door, blocking a glass wall, relocating the bar, and changing the colours of the restaurant. I have changed the ‘Sinking Ship’ formation into a ‘Golden Ingot’ formation.

I was happy to see they have made the changes accordingly. It has created more open space, and receives positive Qi flow. The place is pleasant, the food is great, and it was full of people.

More details about the restaurant are at www.cerurestaurants.com.au