Hunter BabyFeng shui practice is one of the main ancient Chinese methods to help achieve  good fortune. The meaning of Good Fortune in Chinese indicates not only prosperity, but in balance with harmony, good social status, good descendants, good health and longevity.

During my feng shui consultations, I had some clients asked for feng shui to improve their fertility luck. I have helped many female clients successfully to have babies, aged between 33 to 47.

There are three areas to look at when I do feng shui to improve the fertility luck. First, the person should be healthy,  second, the person’s or her spouse/partner’s birthday needs to have descendants luck (at least one of the couples birthday should have this indication), third, the living environment should have good feng shui to support descendants luck.

When I check the above factors, I recommend feng shui remedies to help conceiving, I also calculated the timing based on their Ba Zi charts, remove blockages from their descent areas. Unfortunately, not every blockage can be removed. One of my clients lived in Hong Kong, the couple had been married for a few years and were infertile. I was invited to help them. When I visited their home, I found their fertility direction was blocked by a building, there was no way to remove the building. You can chop off a tree, but not a building. I advised symbols, and calculated the time when the luck come from different direction between the buildings, it would take three years for things to happen. As result, the couple had a baby girl three years after my visit. That was a longest time, most of my clients have good results in a few months.

Above picture is my son, now age 8.