By Mina Zheng

Ever since the the Metal Rat year began, there has been little peace in the world. The bushfires, the floods and now the Covid-19 (Coranavirus). Covid-19 is spreading globally, and affecting the life of every person in the world.

In 2020, from the flying star of the year, the fire star 9(九紫) moves into the west sector. The natal star for the west is 7 (七赤). The two stars 7 and 9 together often produce fire related problems. The west represents lung and respiratory system in human body. That means this year people can have more chance to have inflammation with their lungs.

This may all be part of the natural way. Now every country, city, town has to lock down, everything slows down for health reasons. It is a huge contrast to the fast past we have lived in, there is now much fear and and many complaints.

In this isolation time, there are many things we can do domestically. Here are some feng shui tips we can use to enrich our life:

  1. Have plenty of rest. Sleep as much as you need. Treat it as a well earned holiday break.
  2. Eat well and eat fresh. Drink lots of water and green tea. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat more varieties to have balanced vitamins.
  3. Take more outdoor exercise, like walking, running. Work out in the open air, to keep up your strength.
  4. Clean the house. De-cluttering the house allows energy to flow freely. Open windows, invite the sunlight into your house.
  5. Keep the garden tidy and neat. Landscape your garden to bring the good feng shui to your home.
  6. It is a family bonding time, with more opportunities for family communication. The good areas for communication are: NW, West, SW, NE and SE area of your home.
  7. Don’t spend too much time in the North, East and South area of your home. In particular, keep the north area quiet. Don’t watch TV or play computer games is this area.
  8. Remove the fire element (red items) from south, east and west area. Decorate these areas with white, gold or blue.
  9. Take the chance to do self improvement. Like studying, writing, playing piano, guitar or other instruments, painting etc.

Hopefully the disaster will lift over time. May you all have good health, harmony and happiness.