EntranceIn feng shui, the main entrance of a house or apartment is one of the main concerns. The main entrance is called ‘玄关'(Xun Guan), refering to mysterious gate. How the entrance is set up rules the fortune and well being of the occupants.

From my 18 years feng shui practice, there are some common problems from the main entrance. Here are some tips for what we mustn’t see from the entrance.

1. Do not see the fire directly. The fire refers to the stove or fire place. If the main door is facing the fire, it means the fire energy controls the gate, it is bad for prosperity.

2. Do not see the toilet directly. In feng shui, toilet is outgoing water. The main door facing the toilet is bad for prosperity and health.

3. Do not see the mirror directly. Many people like to hang a big mirror facing the door. Mirror reflects the energy out directly when you enter the property.

4. Do not see the stairs directly. Door facing stairs is bad feng shui. Stairs going up or going down, both are not recommended to be in the entry area. Stairs may have Sha Qi, it also can redirect the Qi flow, it is no good for other parts of the house. It has negative affects for the well being of the family.

5. Do not see the back door directly. Most people agree with this. If the entrance is facing the back door, it can cause the straight energy flow. The wind blows through the hall of the house。 ‘穿堂风’. It is bad for finance, and also has negative impact on relationships.

When you build a new home or buy a new property, remember what you mustn’t see from the entrance, it will mitigate the negative aspects of feng shui.