Hall & Hart is a company that helps people to build their dream homes.

I always think there is an affinity when people seek my consultations. It is something I value and cherish highly.

Recently, I was engaged by Hall & Hart to do feng shui for their display homes and help them to design good feng shui houses for their clients. The company left me with a good impression.

First I liked the name: Hall and Hart (heart). It is a good name for houses. Letter ‘H’ relates to earth energy, property is earth element. To have a good name is a positive beginning for a business. Secondly, the sound of the name is ‘hall and heart’. Hall is the path that connects each part of the house, Heart is the center of living. Hall and Heart are major concerns when feng shui designing a house.

I am pleased that the company plans to build good feng shui houses for their clients, avoiding built in feng shui issues and creating good harmonious homes for people who engage their services.