When I visited Taiwan, I had stopped at Hong Kong airport to change flights. I noticed the airport is very large, bright, busy and vibrant.

The airport is  known as Chek Lap Kok Airport, because it was built on the man-made Chek Lap Kok  island. It was completed in 1998, and is an important regional passenger hub. It is one of the world’s major airports.

As a Feng Shi professional, I observe every intresting place when I travel.  The impression from a  feng shui perspective of the airport is:明堂聚气 (Ming Tan Ju Qi) — bright hall acummulates the energy and distributes to the whole airport.

The ceilings through out the whole terminal are high, with arch shapes to uplift the energy. The curved lines, high, and the bright lights from the ceiling give a spacious and welcoming feeling.

The curved lines appear in each part of the airport terminal, on the floor and the ceiling, in the departure hall, arrivial hall even the cafe and shops.

I have heard of some difficuties and misconduct when the airport first opened. However, in past ten years, the airport has won seven major customer satisfactions awards.

The inside of the airport is feng shui friendly. However, the environment and the surroundings of the airport are not perfect. The positions of the island and the harbour indicate financial stress. While there are many opportunies, money is hard to keep in most years.