house-1No one denies that health is the most important thing in our life.

Recently, I have done a few cases where the family have health problems or child allergies. I found these houses have some common problems.

From Chinese traditional feng shui, every different direction represents the status of different family member. If the environment or interior layout has problems or disharmony, it reflects the person’s health, fortune, and luck. From a person’s Bazi (year, month, day and time of birth), we can detect a person’s health. A feng shui expert can define the problem and provide practical solutions to improve the situation.

The common issues I have found from the houses with health problems are the house often have strong Yin  (阴) energy. There are a few different causes:

1. the house is too close to other houses, no natural sun light;

2. the house is surrounded by trees; the trees block the light;

3. the owner of the house have habit of closing the blind, shutters or curtains to keep the house dark.

If the house does not get enough sunlight, the Yin (阴) energy will accumulate, it is bad for health.

To improve the situation, we should open the shutters, blind and curtains in day time to let the sun light in the house. Children should sleep in a room with ample sunlight in daytime.

If the house is surrounded by tall buildings, have very little natural light, we should create ceiling windows to let light in.

Trees should be trimed or cut back to let sunlight in. The main entrance of the house should never be blocked by trees. The main door of the house should be able to receive sunlight in day time. Morning sun or afternoon sun are both fine.

Make sure the house has enough Yang (阳) energy. This is the first step of feng shui for good health.