A good feng shui house must have good Qi (energy) flow.

Clutter means too many useless things and disorganization. If a  house is full of clutter, then the Qi flow is blocked, and the house gets less energy. It is similar to our body is getting less oxygen. Therefore a cluttered house has poor fen shui.

I have met many people who have problems with clutter. Clutter appears in two ways. The first is disorganization, where books, clothes, toys and objects are every where. The second is too much useless stuff, things from high school, university, office, things from grandma, clothes bought twenty years ago, etc.

Dealing with clutter is not hard if you are wanting more oxygen and more positive energy for your home and life.

To deal with disorganization, you must put your things in good order.  Put books in book shelves, old paper in the recycle bin.  Put clothes in the wardrobe, bowls and cups into the kitchen cupboard. Sort files into the filing cabinet. Etc.

To deal with too much stuff, you must learn to Let It Go. Keep life as simple as possible. Give away the things you haven’t used for a long time. There is no need to display your life history in the house. Pack away the goods from the past. Update your needs, and keep it light. Too much junk means too much burden in your life, it is unnecessary. Don’t keep bringing things into the house, don’t buy any unnecessary things or clothes.

To start decluttering your home, begin with a small section, then move from room to room. When you clean up a section, you will gain more space, more qi will flow. The additional qi will energise you to keep going, after not too long you will have a clean house.

If you make a routine to deal with clutter regularly, you will have no clutter at home. You will gain so much qi flow, and it will help you think better, rest better and work better.