How to Harmonise Love Relationships

爱Relationship issues are commonly raised during my feng shui practice.

There are many things which can affect relationships. From feng shui and I Ching theory, I can provide five points to help improve the love relationship.

First, we need to look at the yin yang of the house. If the house yin yang unbalanced, the relationship between the husband and wife will not be good.

Yin Yang is a big concept, which refers to two opposing forces. Like heaven and earth; mountains and oceans; brightness and darkness; hardness and softness, male and female, big and small, movement and stillness; hot and cold etc.

爱-11. From the outside environment, we need to look at the front and the back of the house. The front of the house needs to be open, the back of the house needs to have a mountain or solid structure. It call 明堂(Ming Tang) and 靠山 (kao shan).

If the house faces a big open space, the house has big 明堂(Ming Tang). With no mountain or structure behind the house, it means the water and the mountain are unbalanced.

If the house has a big mountain behind but is facing a narrow street, it means the 明堂(Ming Tang) is blocked, therefore the water and the mountain of the house are unbalanced. The energy of female and male is unbalanced, this is bad for the relationship.

2. Secondly, we need to look at the left and the right of the house. In general, from the inside looking out, the left side of the house represents the Green Dragon, the right side of the house represents the White Tiger. The dragon side is best to be strong, and to have some moving energy, the tiger side of the house is best to be stable, not too active or oversized.

The dragon and the tiger need to be comparable. Either one of them too big or too small can cause mishaps for the relationship.

3. Thirdly, we need to look at the layout of the house. The house is best to be square or rectangular, and not have any missing corners. In particular, we can’t have 乾(Qian) – husband or 坤 (Kun) – wife missing. From late heaven ba gua, the area representing Qian is the NW, the area represents Kun is the SW. These two sectors are important, and need to be in good balance and kept well lit. If any of the sectors are missing, it can cause sadness to the relationship. If the SW area of the house is a lot bigger than the NW, the yin (female) energy can overwhelm the yang (male) energy. In general, the Yang energy – NW is bigger than Yin energy –SW is more preferred.

4. From inside of the house, we need to look at the positions of the fire – kitchen, fire place, and the water – bathroom, laundry.
Water and fire represent yin and yang, and affect the husband and wife relationship. If the kitchen is the centre of the house, if the fire is opposite to the main door, or the kitchen is opposite to the bathroom or bedroom door it is no good, and can cause disharmony.

If the main door is facing the bathroom or laundry, it can cause too much yin, and it is bad for love relationships.

5. At last, we need to look at the living room and master bedroom. The living room is yang energy, the bedroom is yin energy. The living room relates to the husband, the bedroom relates to the wife. If the bedroom is bigger than the living room, it can collect more yin energy, it is bad for the husband’s career. If the living room is dark, small, it is bad for the love relationship. The living room should be bigger and brighter than the master bedroom in feng shui.

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