Mina Zheng

There is a famous saying from one of the Chinese peoms called 陋室铭 (Hunble House Inscription) written by 刘禹锡 from Tang Dynasty. It said: 山不在高,有仙则名。水不在深,有龙则灵. 斯是陋室, 惟吾德馨。… Which means: No matter how high the mountain is, if there is a fairy, it will be famous; no matter how deep the water is, if there is a dragon, then it will be spiritual; Although this is a humble house, if you have good virtue, then it is not simple and crude.

During my two decades of feng shui practice, I have visited thousands of houses in Sydney and other parts of Australia. There are all types of houses, small, big, old, new, farm houses, or luxury mansions, valued from 200 thousand to 40 million dollars. The energy of the houses are all different. It is not related to the size or value of the houses. Some simple houses have love, warmth and are full of positive energy, some expensive houses have many empty rooms, a lack of attention, and cold, sick energy.

Our attitude toward the house, family and life add energy to the house. If the occupants of the house have good virtue, the house will shine, no matter how humble it is.