MH370Recently, the news of the Malaysia missing air plane has caught the attention and concern of the world.  It was the passenger flight Boeing 777 Flight MH370 from KL to Beijing on 8/3/2014 . There were 239 people on board including the 12 crew members. The flight went missing mysteriously about one hour after taking off. More than 26 countries have joined the search, twelve days later, still no result.

I believe many feng shui masters around the world have done predictions for this event. I am sharing this I Ching prediction with you.

I Ching (Zhou Yi Yu Ce周易预测) is one of the main Chinese oracles to predict events, it has a five thousand year history. However the method is highly technical, and the interpretation is difficult.

On March 11th, 8:30pm, we used Liu Yao online (六爻)system, with a few fans anticipated,  we used 周易time and number methods to create the hexagrams.

The elements for 11/03/2014 were: year-甲午 (wood horse), month-丁卯(fire rabbit), day-辛巳 (metal, snake), hour-戊戌 (earth dog) 日空 Void(申monkey, 酉rooster)

The basic hexigram:  震宫(Thunder House): 水风井   (Water above tree -Well)

The outcome hexigram: 坎宫(Water House): 坎 (water above water – Ocean )

Six Deities     Hidden Deities    Original Gua                                       Changed Gua

Snake                                               Parents Rat Water  _ _                        Parents Rat Water      _ _

Warm                                                Money Dog Earth __                          Money Dog Earth      __

Bird           Children Horse Fire   Ghosts Monkey Metal _ _                Ghosts Monkey Metal _ _

Dragon                                             Ghosts Rooster Metal __   O            Children Horse Fire  _ _

Turtle   Brother 庚寅Tiger Wood Parents Pig Water  __                      Money Dragon Earth __

Tiger                                                    Money Ox Earth _ _                         Brothers Tiger Wood _ _


Analysis: The original Gua is Water above the tree, inauspicious, The outcome (changed Gua) is Big Water, total clash Gua, very inauspicious.

From the basic Gua, The moving line indicated the Ghosts. Ghosts represent bad people (like terrorists), the deity dragon represents huge snake, which has landed on the ghosts line. It means that bad people took action and hijacked the airplane. The moving line transformed to fire, the Horse Fire also is the Grand Duke of the year. Fire burned the metal, and caused an enormous explosion. The airplane disintegrated, and fell into the vast ocean.

The hexigram also indicates the motive of the bad people  related to their own interests or money. The hexigram also indicated some explosive objects inside the airplane.

From the hexigram the line 3 and line 4 represent human, they both occupied by ghosts, meaning no people alive.

The hexigram also indicates some time frames: 12 days have passed. Next time will be between 6/12/2016 to 5/1/2017. The time after that will be the 2nd half of the year in 2020.

However, no result is known. This is just a prediction, it could be wrong. We join the rest of the world in sending our prayers and best wishes to those on the flight and their families.