GuanYinBuddha2014 is a wood horse year, this year the fire element is extremely strong, many negative incidents have happened in the world, like the Malaysia missing airplane, Korean sinking of a passenger ship… each incident took many lives.

Sometimes an accident can be avoided if we know the information from our Ba Zi.  Ba Zi is Chinese astrology, it’s derived from our birth year, month, day and hour. There is a terminology in Ba Zi called: 岁运并临 (Sui Yun Bing Lin), which means the person’s luck pillar meets the year. For example, this year is 甲午 (wood horse year), and the person’s current luck pillar is also ‘wood horse’ . Ancient masters said when this happens, it predicts danger.

To cut the long theory short, I made a list for people who have this symbol in their destiny. Hope everyone can be more careful, and to have a safe and healthy year ahead.

For Male:

Birth Year Birth Sign Birth Days (solar Calendar) 
1940 Metal Dragon 26 Oct – 28 Nov
1942 Water Horse 12 Jan to 4th Feb
1950 Metal Tiger 25th Nov to 28 Dec
1951 Metal Rabbit 14th Dec to 15th Jan 1952
1960 Metal Rat 24th Dec 1960 to 26 Jan 1961
1961 Metal Ox 14th Nov to 17th Dec
1971 Metal Dog 23rd Jan to 4th Feb
1971 Metal Pig 16th Oct to 18th Oct
1981 Metal Rooster 15th Sep to 18th Oct
1991 Metal Sheep 15th Aug to 18th Sep
2001 Metal Snake 15th Jul to 18th Aug
2006 Fire Dog 11th May to 14th Jun
2011 Metal Rabbit 14th Jun to 18th Jul

For Female:

Birth Year Birth Sign Birth Day (solar Calendar)
1945 Wood Rooster 10th Nov to 12th Dec
1946 Fire Dog 29 Dec 1946 to 30 Jan 1947
1955 Wood sheep 10th Dec 1955 to 11th Jan 1956
1956 Fire Monkey 29th Nov to 31 Dec
1966 Wood Snake 8th Jan to 4th Feb
1976 Fire Earth 30th Sep to 2nd Nov
1986 Fire Tiger 30th Aug to 3rd Oct
1991 Metal Sheep 25th March to 27th April
1996 Fire Rat 29th Jul to 1st Sep
2001 Metal Snake 24th April to 28th May
2006 Fire Dog 28th Jun to 1st Aug