Time flies, we are already in July 2021. We have reached the half year mark in the solar calendar. Under the pressure of the pandemic and lockdowns, many people are feeling helpless.

I’d like to say something positive to get your hopes up. Unfortunately, before the positive, there are negatives.

The negative thing is that in the Feng Shui Calendar, from July 7th to August 7th, 2021, it is the month of Wood Sheep/goat. This year is a Metal Ox year. The Heavenly Stems and the Earthly Branches of the year and the month are double clashing. The clash can generate a strong impact on nature, and cause great turbulence to the world. As a result, there will be more natural disasters, like landslides, droughts, floods, large scale accidents, virus spreading and deaths. It will affect all living beings on earth.

Therefore, we all need to be careful and stay safe. Keep life simple and lower your ambitions. Look after yourself and family. People born in the Ox or Sheep year, or who have theses signs in their charts, need to be extra careful. Remember: Peace is a Blessing. (平安就是福.)

The good news is that from August 7th, things will improve. The environment will be more settled. The world may be about to work together in a more agreeable way. The economy will start to pick up. People will have more opportunities and hopes for the future.