I received a telephone call from a stranger today. She asked me if the Chinese custom of carrying three ancient Chinese coins in your wallet could bring good luck with money. She had bought three of these coins tied up with ribbon, and put them inside her wallet. She went to the casino, lost a lot of money, tried to win the money back, then lost a lot more. She asked me why the coins did not help her?

I was surprised to receive such a phone call. Obviously she went to wrong place for money. The Casino is a place which takes money.

The ancient Chinese coins are made from copper, with a square in the middle of a circle. The circle symbolises heaven, the square represents earth. The coin is a combination of heaven and earth, and therefore is a symbol of harmony and prosperity. The coins are also used as a tool for zhou yi prediction. From ancient China to modern time, gambling is categorised as a bad activity. From I Ching philosophy, if you use the lucky coins to support a bad activity, the results will be against your wish.