I met Mary Samson recently at one of the social  events which was hosted by ACBDA (Australian Chinese Business Development Association). Mary told me she is  Chinese, because she was  brought up in Shanghai, China. I looked at her blue eyes, blond hair, distinguished nose, and said: really?

During the conversation, I learned that Mary was born in Harbin, Manchuria, of Russian Jewish parents. Her family moved to Shanghai, China when she was six years old. She lived in a multi-cultural society for the next fifteen years. She married in 1948 in Shanghai, and then she and her new family left China for Israel. After seven years Mary and her family immigrated to Australia.

Mary has had unique and colourful life. After retiring, she wrote and  published her memoir – My Remarkable Journey. The book reveals her  life experiences, including her life in old Shanghai, and the cruel occupation by Japanese military. She has lived in different countries and has travelled to many places. She has many triumphs but also gone through the worst tragedies. It is a remarkable journey and a remarkable book indeed. I read the book from night until dawn.

There is one thing in the book which I do not agree with. She said that Feng Shui is a common powerful Chinese superstition, and for the believers it becomes the deciding factor in where and how to live. As a Feng Shui professional, I declare that feng shui is not superstition, but a well based Chinese empirical art. But despite this, I love Mary and admire her Remarkable Journey.