There have been some exciting developments with my work lately. I was selected as the feng shui expert for the team for upgrading Thomas street and Hay street Chinatown, Sydney. It is a great pleasure and honour to  be part of this landmark design. I have been  involed with a few big projects in the past, however this one will demonstrate  traditional Chinese culture in Australia. I am excited to work with the leading artist Lindy Lee,  landscape architecture Jane Irwin and other expert consultants. The construction will start in early 2013.

The other news is that I have finished my 2013 Feng Shui Almanac. After teaching Ba Zi and Date Selection classes, I thought the best way to benefit the public was to make a yearly feng shui almanac.

The almanac is a book of lucky days for the year of the water snake. The book features basic knowledge, 2013 horoscope, flying star and feng shui remedies. A key part of the book is the lucky days of the year.

The Almana is a combination of three calendars: the solar calendar, lunar calendar and Xia or Farmers calendar.  This almanac is an English version of the Chinese Tong Shui 通书(General Book). The almanac provides a guide oforlucky days and times to carry out our daily activities. Such as: engagements, weddings, trade, signing contracts, starting to build or renovate a property, burials, opening ceremonies.

Choosing a lucky day to conduct a major event will enhance chances for smooth operation and success. The book is designed for ease of use, and is a simple way to bring good feng shui into your life. I am sure it will be useful to you.  The book is available on line, as well  as a video explaining how it works. Here is the link: