2024, the dragon year, is a year of change for every person. The fire energy of the new feng shui period scattered by the green dragon has swiped every town and country. Some of it good, some bad. The bad things we have seen on the news, earthquakes, floods, airplane crashes, mass accidents, violence and deaths. Despite this, I hope you are all safe.

Dragon energy also relates to movement and travel. On the Li Chun day (the first day) of the dragon year I was on an airplane, travelling for work. After a few months of busy consulting, I was finally able to take time off.


In April, during the Uni holidays, we went to visit my family in Fujian, China. My father is 91 years old, and I try to see him as much as I can. My son and husband acompanied me for this trip. We visited my old university (Xia Men University) and my family home. The visit went well. The parts of China we went were clean, with fresh air. The service were good. The working robots and high speed trains give us the feeling of high technology.

My father, husband and son
My father, husband, son and me at the family home. The house where my father was born. It’s more than hundred years old. It has been rebuilt inside.

My father was known as a Tai Chi master. At age of 91, he is in good health physically. He has some dementia, and relives over and over the moment of winning a championship during one of the national senior Tai Chi contests. It is bitter sweet for me. Nonetheless, it is good to see my family in China were doing well, and that my father is under good care.


After China, I went to London to help a friend to find a house. My step son and his family also live in London, I got to spend time with my grand daughter. Looking for a good feng shui house is not easy. But luckily I have found a very good property in Hampstead Heath for them.

We visited a few properties in London. My experience from this property hunting told me: do not be deceived by the floor plan. We need to go to the site and audit the feng shui, the result can be quite different from what we have seen on paper.

We traveled through London and nearby counties , including Oxford, it’s surrounding villages and Oxford shire, Woodstock and Blenhiem Palace. We visited some famous houses and had good sight seeing along the way. One of the highlights was in London Royal Opera House. My friend got me an A list ticket by chance. I was sitting in the front row centre to watch Swan Lake. The orchestra and the dance were the best I have seen. I wore a blue silk dress designed and tailored by myself. (sewing is one of my hobbies.) It is good feng shui to find and develop our potential, to make it good and to reach the for the stars if we can.


Another friend who lives in Dubai extended her invitation, so I make a stop in Dubai on the way back to Sydney from London. Dubai was vibrant. The city is built on the desert. I admired the different architecture buildings. The city combines middle eastern style with ultra modern skyscrapers. From the feng shui aspect, there have good balance with the earth and water in the city area, but not enough green trees and green land.

I enjoyed good sightseeing and fine dining. The most unforgettable memory was the desert safari tour. It was the first time for me in the desert. The red mounds of sand stretch to the horizon, quite spectacular. We had an exciting ride, the wind was strong, the sand moved under my feet. It was a fun time, but bad feng shui to spend too much time there.