Yang Gong Feng Shui is one of the main feng shui branches in China. It is the land form feng shui. In the Tang dynasty, 864-888扬公(YangGong) and his disciples invented the Feng Shui Lou Pang, which divided twenty four mountains into seventy-two dragons. Therefore, in feng shui practise the landform and 72 dragons formula enables us to observe the landform and define the water mouth and find the dragon dam precisely.

Gan Zhou city is the birth place of扬公(YangGong). As a feng shui practitioner it is a great honour to visit the city and to see the classic temples and buildings which were designed by the feng shui deity -Yang Gong.

Here are some pictures:

The unique city landform. It looks like a natural yin yang symbol.

Mina with master and colleague.

The city underground sewage was designed by yang gong feng shui masters. It has served the city more than a thousand years. The city has never been flooded. The drainage continue to serve the city, and is a miracle of the world.