Everest from Nepal

My journey to Nepal was in September this year. One  reason for the trip was to experience and observe the mountains, including the highest mountain in the world – Mt Everest (珠穆朗玛峰).

Feng shui is a subject of studying the Qi (energy) flow. Qi is  the  force generated by the natural environment.

In classical Chinese feng shui, mountains and lakes are the main factors defining Qi flow. Mountains are associated with dragons in feng shui. Therefore, walking on mountains is an important step in learning classic feng shui. When I studied feng shui in China, I walked on a lot of mountains with my masters and colleagues. The mountain walks are to study the greater land form, to learn the dragon veins (龙脉) and define the most auspicious spots of the mountain – dragon dams (龙岤). In ancient China many emperors, prime ministers and high governors had their ancestor grave sites in the most auspicious spots of the dragons (mountains).

Nepal is a landlocked country, located in the Himalayas, with Chinese border in the North, and Indian borders to the south and west. The mountainous north has eight of ten tallest mountains  of the world. The country is quite small,  the mountain energy overpowers the country. Mount Everest and neighbouring mountains are all pointy triangle shapes,  and are related to fire elements. With such surroundings, the feng shui elements of Nepal are very unbalanced, there were disasters and tragic events related to previous royal families.  The infrastructure, education, economy, social welfare, and living standards are far behind developed countries.


Mina on the lake

I was quite excited for this trip. I wouldn’t dare think of climing Everest, However, I went on a mountain trek, and it gave me a view of the highest mountain in the world.

The picture on the left was taken in Pokhara.  Pokhara is a well developed tourist town, located on the side of a lake and mountains. The town is a starting point for the mountain treks.

Mountain and lake

The picture on the right is the beautiful scenery of a mountain and its reflection.

Walking on the Himalayan mountains was a great addition  to my feng shui study. Mt Everest was just magnificent, it has the strongest mountain energy in the world. Being close to it,  my mind, body and soul were engergised. It was an unforgetable part of my feng shui odyssey.