Minas-DadPast two weeks I was in China, and only got home this morning. I visit China every year  for two reasons: first to spend some time with my parents and family; second to do feng shui study and research.

As always, my home town is my first destination.  My parents live in Fu Jian province. I stayed at my parents house for a few days, on top of loving, caring, eating, there  is also the wisdom from my father.

My father is 81. He started to practice Tai Chi and Chinese Gong Fu from 11 years old, for 70 years, and has never stopped. He is one of the grand masters of Tai Chi in China. He is also an author and good at writing traditional Chinese poetries.

During this trip, he wrote a poem for me to teach me how to meditate at night time.

It said:

fathers-wisdomAt the silent night, everything is quiet, throw away all the worries;

Move energy to guard your core (Dong Tian), close your seven exits;

Breath gentlly, tongue forms a bridge;

feel body as light as a bird floating on top of cloud.

The picture is him, and his hand writing.