The winter in Australia is coming to the end, and spring is around the corner. This winter, Sydney was quite cold and many days were windy and wet.  My highlight of the winter was the winter escape to Darwin.

Darwin is the capital city of the  Northern Territory, it is in the north of Australia, called the Top End. It is the only city in Australia which has the same climate as South East Asia. Darwin only has  dry and wet seasons in a year. In winter, Darwin has the dry season, the sun shines everyday, the weather in daytime is about 32 degrees. I love the tropical weather, that was the main reason for me to visit Darwin, to get out the cold town and enjoy the sun.

Some people said that Darwin is the most Asian like city in Australia. That made me think that Darwin may be full of Asians and their culture. To my surprise, it wasn’t like that. It is just one of the Australian cities. It has Australian buildings and culture, and aboriginal culture. The streets were full of international and domestic tourists.

I stayed at one of the budget hotels in the centre of the city. Accommodation is expensive in the dry season in Darwin, it costs about double Sydney or Melbourne.

The city is small, I visited every street by foot, and it didn’t take very long.  One puzzle in my head was that I saw a red box in one of the streets with Chinese characters on it. It says China Town. I was excited to see this, and looked around for China Town. I saw the same Chinese characters on top of a building, but the building was a multi level car park. There was no China Town, just the words on the box and building. I don’t know why.

Darwin was built along the coast line. It has water on the west, north west, north, and north east. It has good feng shui in period eight (from 2004 to 2023). The city receives positive energy from Timor Sea, the energy is well kept by the buildings in the south west. As a result,Darwin has mining, a housing boom, which will continue for the next ten years.

A big part of the Northern Territory remains  undeveloped.  There are many  rare, wild, beautiful creatures. One thing in Darwin you must do is to get out of the town.  I got out of the town twice. I joined the local tourists, visited the Kakadu National Park and had a cruise on the wet land. The journey was full of surprises.

We had a wonderful tourist guide. I saw many various plants, rare birds, and many crocodiles. The picture on the left is a salt water crocodile, five metres long. It has its mouth open to balance its body temperature. Its temperature should be around 32 degrees. I learned many things about crocodile from the knowledgeable tourist guide.Crocodiles have excellent hearing, eyesight and speed. They can see and hear from far away, and can attack animals from twenty metres away. There are no cancer cells in crocodile bodies. Crocodiles have small stomachs, they only eat fresh food, and can die from bad food…

The crocodile is an awesone, intelligent and scary creature. Been to the jungle, seeing crocodiles, and arriving home in one piece  marked the success of my Darwin trip.