I had a radio interview with Glenn Wheeler today at 6:30pm.  Glenn Wheeler is the host for the Radio Gaga Melbourne talk radio 1377 Saturday 6-7pm, he is also the host for 7 network Monday-Friday 9am to 11:30am, and Sydney 2GB Saturday 7pm to midnight.

The topic was Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Lodge.  Julia Gillard moved into the lodge last week, and has been quoted as saying that “she doesn’t feel comfortable” there yet…..! Therefore, Glenn asked me to provide three feng shui tips to help PM Julia Gillard to feel home at the Lodge.

My answers were: first of all, feng shui is an ancient Chinese art. Feng shui is the study of Qi (energy) flow and how it affects people’s life. The Qi is generated by the natural environment, such as mountains, wind, forests, lakes, fire, heaven and earth. Feng shui practice focuses on using the natural Qi to help one improve life,  and mitigate harm from negative Qi. It can be done through interior arrangement to harmonise oneself with the environment.

My first tip for PM Julia Gillard is: She was born in the year of the ox. The direction related to the ox is NE. Therefore, she needs to put her picture and her family picture in the NE sector of the Lodge.

The second tip is: because the Lodge is a big mansion with 40 rooms, it is too big for a small family. Based on the PM’s birthday analysis, her lucky directions are: NE, E, N, SE, and South. Therefore, make use of these lucky sectors. Julia Gillard is a Wood Person, (wood element represents herself). The wood energy in her birthday is quite weak. Therefore, she needs to put some indoor plants in the East and SE areas of the Lodge to enhance her wood energy.

The third tip is: Julia Gillard should sleep in the bedroom located in the East of the Lodge in 2010, and move to the bedroom located in the SE of the Lodge in 2011. This because the heavenly energy is better in those areas during the two respective periods.

To fully optimise the feng shui of the Lodge for the PM, a site inspection and formal feng shui analysis would be needed.