In the past few years,  between Christmas and New Year’s day, my family and I have come to Adelaide for a holiday break.  One of the main holiday activities is to take my son to the Adelaide Oval to watch the cricket match. We are in Adelaide again this year, and this time we went to see a 20-20 cricket match between Adelaide and Hobart.

As a feng shui professional, I often do an I Ching prediction for the match I am attending,  to keep up my prediction skills. However, we were in a rush, so I didn’t have time to sit down and do my study for the match. The other symple way to predict the match result is by checking the elements of the date, and looking at the colour of the  uniform of each team; this exercise requires a Chinese Ten Thousand year calendar, and it takea only  a minute of my time. Generaly speaking, the Chinese calendar records the time by using ten heavenly stem and twelve earthly branches, each stem or branch represents an element; the colour of the uniform also relates to an element, for example, the green uniform is the wood element. If the element of the date is metal, based on the relationships between the five basic elements, metal destroys wood, therefore the team with the green uniform is not supported by the date, the team will have a disadvantage in the match if the other team has a blue uniform. Blue relates to the water element, metal supports water, therefore on the metal day, the team with blue uniform has more luck to win.

Yesterday, I did not have my Chinese calendar handy, and I had  lost count of the day element, so I couldn’t do the prediction. However, when I got my ticket at the gate, I learned the name of Adelaide team was Strikers, and the name of Hobart team was Hurricanes. I said the Hurricanes will blow away the Strikers.

There were more than 27,000 people at the ground, we all supported the Adelaide team.  However, the result of the match was: the Strikers were blown away by the Hurricanes.