Not many people have opportunities to build their own houses, and fewer people have the chance or knowledge to build their house according to feng shui principals.

I didn’t build my house. The house I’m living in has a few feng shui problems. One of the problems was the bathroom. the shower, bath and the drains were in the wrong positions. I had been dealing with the negativity over years. At last,  I had a chance to renovate the bathroom this year.

I selected an auspicious date and time for the job to begin. The  area to be renovated is about 35m2.  From demolishing, rebuild to completion, it took 12 days. The renovation was smooth, the drains were corrected, the bath, shower, toilets were in the correct positions according to feng shui. The budget did not explode,  the finish is stunning.

The bathroom is one of  the most important parts of our living. In feng shui the bathroom relates to water flow. The water flows in and flows out from certain directions, their location can affect the well being of the residents. I tried the ancient Chinese water formula. On the date of completion, the phone rang, someone asked me to look into a project which involves a few hundred houses.