September 17th to October 16th

2020 庚子, the year of Metal Rat has been crazy so far. Under the influence of the Covid-19 Pandamic, the earth is experiencing massive changes. Many people is struggling for life. The world is in chaos.

The reason that I’m writing this post is that I’d like you to know that we are moving into a better month of the year by comparison.

From September 17th to October the 16th is the Eighth Lunar month of the lunar year. This is the special time of the year. Acturly the energy of the month has already started on 7th of September. The main element of the month is yin metal.

What make this time special are the auspicious stars (energy). This is 乙酉 wood rooster month. This month has a few combines from the monthly Bazi and the Yearly Bazi. This month is also a Peach Blossom month. In Chinese tradition, the 15th day (Full Moon) of the 8th lunar month is the Mid Auturn Festival (中秋节). It’s a symbol of love and reunion.

This special time is good for work, relationships, love, romance. It is also a good time to improve finance, and health.

To improve your work: It’s a good month to finish the unfinished work. You can dress up nicely, even when you work from home. Don’t wear pyjamas for working. Dress smart to impress people. It’s not a bad idea even just to impress yourself. Reach out more to co-workers, and friends. It is a good time to build network.

To improve love life, you can dress up beautiful. The lucky colours for the month are green, pink and gold. Say nice things to the one you are with. Praise him/her more, express your gratitude. For single people, it is a very good time to find a romance partner.

To improve your finance, new opportunties come from helpful people. Put a green plant with flowers on your desk. Reaching out more. It is a good month for harvest.

To improve your health, you should eat more green vegetables and fruits. Drink more tea. Have a happy attitude. More outdoor activities. Enjoy more sunshine, the sun from 7am to 9am is the best of the day. This is the Dragon hour, more harmony with the month and the year.

October 1st is the Mid Autumn Festival. We can make special wishes at night. There will be more chance to come true. Please note, we should only make positive wishes.

This special time is also excellent for all the countries to make peace.

Hope you all have a special time ahead.