In Australia, many people’s dream  house has a swimming pool in the back yard.  Hence many suburban houses have swimming pools. A swimming pool comprises a big body of water.  From a feng shui point of view, a swimming pool is a water element,  often used to activate wealth. However this only happens when the water is in the correct position relative to the house and the residents. Most house I have visited have the swimming pools in wrong position. Instead of bringing fun and prosperity, it brings finance troubles, emotional turbulence, sex scandals or even sickness.

I did a feng shui consultation for a house yesterday.  My client wanted me to help solve her relationship issues. I drew up her Bazi chart, and inspected her house. Her chart has good reading in current life cycle. I drew up the house plan and studied it. The fresh looking pool was in the north position of the house. To have a big body of water in this position attracts unwanted relationship to her husband. The fact was, they have been in this house for about ten years, and she wanted a swimming pool all the time.  A year ago, they finally demolished a workshop/shed, and put a pool in ground. A few months later, her husband had an affair, they separated recently. I suggested remedies, but the results are not as good as they would be if  a pool was not there.

Bad places to have a swimming pool are north, east, south east of the house. Some feng shui books say these are good places to have water, however this is wrong, as many real life cases demonstrate.