A few weeks ago, one of my buddies  asked me if I would like to go to Ulura with her on the weekend.  Ulura is in the centre of Australia, it is about three hour flight from Sydney. The request was a bit of a sudden, however I have been longing to  visit  Ulura  for a  long time, and never found a partner or chance to go there. Therefore, I agreed to go with her happily.

Our jurney to Ayers Rock was full of surprise. First of all, we were upgraded to business class, the food, wine and hospitality on the flight provided by Qantas was very impressive.  When we arrived at the destination, we were upgraded to a five star hotel by the Ayers Rock Resort with no extra cost. But the most beautiful thing is the Ayers Rock or Uluru.

Ayers Rock is a very large natural sandstone which stands on the centre of  the desert. The stone is about 348m high, and has a total circumference of 9.4km. The rock was observed by Chief Secretary of South Australia – Sir Henry Ayers  in 1873. It was named Ayers Rock in honour of him. The rock  is an Aboriginal  sacred place. It owned by the Uluru family, and is hence called Uluru.

That was my first time to have a holiday in the desert. Most people choose to have holidays in coastal areas, I was the same. I walked on the red earth with bare feet, and felt the great earth energy from the earth.

We joined sunrise, sunset and evening activities with the tourists. If you want to know the true colour of the rock, you need to see it yourself. The Ayers Rock changed colours as the Sun went by. Sometimes, it looks like a loaf of a bread to me, sometime, it looks like a chocolate cake on the desert. Sometime, it is red, shining like flame, magnificent.

From feng shui perspective, the Ayers Rock has a shape of a Huge Gate (巨门-ju men)– a name of a feng shui star. The element of the rock is Earth. It contains four elements (earth, metal, water and fire), there are some desert wood near by. The sky and the earth look very big in Uluru. The rock harmonizes the heaven and the earth.

The Ayers Rock is not only one of the icoms of Australia, it is also one of the wonders in the world, it attracts many people every day from around the world to visit this natural landmark of Australia .