In the previous post, I wrote about the negative impact in July 2021 from reading the signs of Chinese astrology, and what has happened so far are worse than I had predicted. The Delta wave has ravaged the world, with around 480,000 cases a day world-wide (from WHO Dash Board) . Here in Sydney, the number of new cases increasing everyday, we are having a one month lockdown. Looks like the lockdown will continue, with no clear end. In addition to the pandemic, there were serious droughts, floods, and landslides in Germany, China, and other parts of the world.

People can’t wait for a brighter future. From the astrological cycle, things may get better from mid August. But Covid-19 will not disappear. The difference is that people will learn how to live with it. The key to getting over Covid is the vaccine and social distancing, even through the development of the vaccine seems to be outpaced by variants of the virus. But the vaccination will give us certain percentage of protection, our body can deal with the rest. It will prevent people from death. From what has happened in UK, Singapore. China and the countries which had high rates of vaccination, the results are good. Even in Uk, the daily numbers of the infections are still high, but most people are vaccinated, there are fewer people needing hospital care.

In Australia, we need to race ahead with the vaccination in order to lift the restrictions. There are many people still complaining about the vaccine. I think we should be grateful that government had injected lot of money to protect our lives. Look around the world, millions people are desperate for help. At least, we can to get through the endgame together. I have had my first dose eight weeks ago and waiting for the second.

In next couple of months, there will be more supplies of vaccines for all the countries. By the end of this Ox year 2021, hopefully most people in the world will be vaccinated. From early Feb, 2022 we will be entering the Tiger year. It will be a new beginning.

At the mean time, stay safe and be happy.