Recently I was engaged to do a feng shui audit for a house in Sydney’s northern beaches.

My clients were very keen to buy a house, however, as they knew, the previous three owners in that house were all divorced, and the existing owners just seperated and wanted to sell the house quickly. With such a history, my clients needed my professional feng shui opinions before buying the house.

I met my clients on site and started my work with confidence . With lot of experience, I know which types of house could cause divorce.

This house was about 10 years old, and it was located on a hilly land with lot of trees and other houses.  I turned my lou pan (compass), took the sitting and facing directions of the house, and superimposed the directions onto the floor plan. I walked around outside and observed the external surroundings carefully, recorded the details of every directions from the house. Then I studied the interior layout, which included the positions of front door, back door, stair case, stove (fire), toilets, laundry (water), master bedroom, living room, house shape, land shapes. To my surprise, the layout was not bad, there was no obvious bad design inside the house which could cause every marriage to fall apart.

There must be something from outside the house, I went upstairs and looked  through every windows. When you stand high, you can see further away. When I moved to the west room, I spotted a large white house behind the trees, this white house looked prominent, and it almost over towered this house.

After finished all my anaylsis, I told my clients that the white house was the cause of the divorces. The problems were all the same, which was another woman stepped into the marriage. The existing owner confirmed that her husband had an affair.

When you find the cause, you know what to do.