I Ching

Mina Zheng

The yearly Gua for 2023

The hexagram of the yearly Gua is Jia Ren. The top trigram is Wind, the element is wood. The bottom trigram is Fire, the element is fire. The hexagram symbolises the family.

This hexagram highlights the importance of family in society. It is a good year to get married, have a baby,  start a family, or expand your family. The I Ching always predicts happiness for those who give their family priority. 

This hexagram also indicates returning home. For people who have to leave their family to earn a living, or soldiers who have to fight for their countries, it is time for them to return home to recover from these hardships.

At another level, this hexagram also focuses on the role of the matriarch. Female energy and virtue are important in 2023. 

An old Chinese saying: 齐家,治国,平天下。Which means: Family blossom, then the Country will blossom, and the world will blossom. 

This Hexagram (Gua) has six lines, each line has positive meanings.

Line 1: Expect success. Marriage is likely. Romance will endure.

Line 2: Success and increase in family, wealth are indicated.

Line 3: Goodwill towards each other benefits everyone, but be sensible.

Line 4: Great good fortune. Income and wealth increases. Popularity soars.

Line 5: Patronage from men of power and influence bring wealth and great good fortune.

Line 6: Sincerity and dignity bring good fortune. Reputation will reach great heights.

This wisdom is from the I Ching for 2023.