The fire monkey year has moved into the middle of the ninth month in Chinese Lunar Calendar. Time flies. Riding on the Travel Horse (monkey represents a star of travel horse for many people) and influenced by the fire energy, the world has had many dramas this year. Including the American presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Many people have travelled this year, or made major changes in their lives. Without much planning, I have traveled overseas four times this year, to New Caledonia, China, Japan and Singapore. The travels have had good outcomes. Sometimes it is best to go with the energy flow and be happy.

During the rest of the Monkey year, the energy will gradually settle down. The next few months will be good times for everyone to finish unfinished tasks. Get things done, be more focused on what you are doing, get the results and celebrate.

Hope you have had a good Monkey year so far, with the remainder perhaps even better.