The Pyrmont Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Australia, it crosses Darling Harbour and links Pyrmont Bay to the Sydney CBD.  It is a pedestrian bridge and is also crossed by a monorail.

The east end of the bridge has CBD high rises, the west end of the bridge is Pyrmont Bay, which has some old pubs, old streets, residential houses, hotels and commercial premises. The east and west sides contrast new and old, modern buildings and historical heritage buildings.

The bridge is often full of colourful banners and people, with blue sky above, and the sparkling water underneath. The energy is peaceful and positive. The high rises in the east, like dragons rising,  indicate vitality and prosperity of the city.

Walking on the bridge and along its vicinity is one of my favourist leisure activities. The bridge has very good feng shui, it often reminds me “天人合一” (TianRen He Yi), which means heaven and mankind combine to one, refers to the harmonization of the natural environment and human input. The gentle breeze from the harbour often sweeps away my stress, I am always happy to be there.