camelRecently I have been writing and researching, making a feng shui book for next year.  During the busy time, I still made time to have a girls night in. A few ladies friends got together as usual,  eating, talking and drinking. This is a good way to de-stress for us.

We talk about everything, each person’s life, experiences, news… most of it chatter. However, Lily talked about Dubai and camels. This stayed in my head for a long time, and I decided to write it down in order to clear my head.

Lily is one of my old friends. She talked about her trip to Dubai some time ago. She couldn’t forget the experience with a taxi ride. She was in a taxi in Dubai, suddenly the bell rang, taxi driver pulled off the street, told her to walk or to wait for half hour, he must pray. Lily argued, didn’t understand, but she was left in the heat  for half an hour.  Later on, she learned about the praying rules in Dubai and worked around them. Another thing which inspired her was her experience with camels. She saw the camels carrying huge loads, crossing the desert without eating or drinking. When she went to ride a camel, the camel knelt down to let her up,  this almost brought her to tears.

I understood Lily’s feeling. One philosopher said, camels have two spirits: first, they believe that there is a desert oasis; second, step by step to the oasis of hope.  The camel doesn’t have a horse’s impassioned scream, doesn’t have cow’s piteous heavy sigh.  Instead it always silently raises its rugged body, heavy loads, and slowly, steadily, step by step moves ahead, to the oasis, to hope.

The camel symbolises strength, hard work, grit and consistency. Camels have unique amazing qualities. They can withstand hunger, thirst, heat, cold, and sand. They can serve humans, bear 200kg goods and travel more than 1000km. Camel are the hero of animal kingdom.

The spirit of camel is admirable.