I was called to do a feng shui consultation for a client who bought an office in the Trust Building recently. The Trust Building is located at the corner of King & Castlereagh Sts, Sydney. The building is made from sandstone, it is one of the heritage buildings in Sydney CBD.

I know this building and its surroundings very well, for I  had a feng shui office in this building on level 8 for 3 years, from 2001 to 2004. The building has 10 levels, with marble floors and very high ceilings. The feng shui of my office was not very good. During that period, I was a hard worker with moderate income, but I enjoyed the prestige of the building and the wonderful location. I moved out because my life had moved on in the way that  I wished.

Today I visited this building for my client. After greeting I started to examine the office (different office and level from where I was).  After my observation, I drew up the charts and  did the analysis. I told my client that a perfect office is rare, the feng shui for this office is only 55% positive, in particular this office  is very bad for man who is over 50, and for people who born in Dog or Pig year. She confirmed that the ex owner of the office is dying of cancer, and is in his mid 60s. I remembered, during my time in this building, there were two men passed away in their 60s from cancer. They were  in the same office but on different levels.

Cancer is not an unusual disease in modern society, but the rate of cancer in the building is high. This because there is a feng shui problem.  Outside of the building, the 乾宫 (qian palace) of the office is blocked by a huge six shaded high rise. 乾 means mutual man in Chinese. The blockage (huge building) can not be removed, feng shui cures for this aspect are powerless.  Luckily my client’s office has all female staffs, and with my feng shui input  the negative effect from the poor feng shui could be minimized.