I have planned to visit my parents for some time, at last I have made it. I arrived my home town Fuan China two days ago, together with my husband and son. The best thing is that both of my parents are happy and healthy.

My mum is 70, my father is 78. They are both retired. My mun was a Chinese herbalist, my dad was a Chinese doctor, he is also a qi gong, tai ji and gong fu master, he interested in writing and has published a few books during his retirement.

We are staying at my parents house. Despite the fire disaster few months ago, which burned down the old traditional part of the house, the part they are living in remains full of character. It is an unusual house from a western sense. It is a brick house with four storeys. It is on the high hill side of the town with mountain view. There is a large Ba Gua symbol in floor of my father’s study. It has become our room during the visit.

The time with my parents and family is full of excitement and full of inspiration. Here are some pictures which have taken in these two days.

My father and I

(Left) It was a cloudy day, the picture is taken from the balcony. The house is over looking the mountain.

(Below) My father is practising 郑氏拳(Zheng Shi Quan)– Zheng Family Gong Fu.