A special opportunity has brought me to Tai Bei (TaiPei) for a vacation during the Easter break.

Tai Bei is one of the developed city in Asia, like all big cities, there are highrises, broad and busy streets, city parks in every district. You don’t see the special and charming side of Tai Bei unless you visit the night markets. I was told this by one of my friends who used to live in Taiwan.

I made as effect to one of the largest night market– Shilin Night Market on the second day of arrival.

The market was massive, with countless food stalls and clothing stalls, and in particular with countless people.

Chinese has a word 人山人海 people mountain, people sea, which means so many people, just like mountain and sea.

From a feng shui perspective, people bring prosperity, no one could get rich without support from people.

The food was Delicious, and there were thousands of choices. I tried a lot of different food, until I couldn’t take anymore.

It was a great experience.