Taiwan is a beautiful island. It has many mountains. Big cities are generally built on a large flat land with a harbour nearby, in the mountain area, there are many small towns.

When I was  in Taiwan  few days ago, I visited a township — 苗栗 (miaoli). This is a lovely town, it  is surrounded by mountains, on the end of the main street are rice fields.

The Qi (energy) enters the town from the open fields and held by the mountains, the mountains release great energy to harmonise with the water field. For curiosity, I turned my compass (Loupan) to exam the 砂水(mountain & water) arrangement, from the compass reading, the energy is beneficial to the  first sons and first daughters of the family in the town.

The town residents are believing in feng shui, the restaurant on the field side — Plum Mansion has very good energy. Lot of  houses are built according to feng shui principles.

Such as the corner of the roofs are treated, not to point at neighbours house.

(see the attached picture.)

In fact, a few high ranking judges, writers and famous artists have mansions in the town.