The Killara Grand is a development project comprising three apartment blocks. The project has been completed recently, the location is 9-23 Bruce Ave, Killara on the upper north shore of Sydney.

The Killara Grand is one of the few real estate projects in Australia which have integrated the Chinese feng shui comcepts into the building  design.

I was the feng shui practitioner who provided the Chinese architectural theories  and guidlines for this project. When the design and DA  stages for the project were completed, the development company was able to sell the project successfully during the global economic down turn. The new project owner has completed the buildings recently.

I visited the finished project yesterday. To my relief, the buildings were completed with good quality throughout, and have met most of the feng shui guidelines. These include good floor plans and good layout to maximize  positive energy.  The main entrances have been angled to capture the positive Qi, with friendly paths around the common areas. Trees and vegetation were chosen to create a balanced tranquil envionment. The water features in certain areas and some details have not been done, however they could be added without difficulty.

The apartments offer generous spaces for indoor and outdoor livings. With the input of the ancient Chinese wisdom, they should bring prosperity and harmony to the residents.