Some people have asked me how to get happiness from BaZi or Feng Shui practice.

Seeking happiness is an eternal pursuit for human beings, regardless of  whether you are the highest achiever in a given  field, the weathiest person in the world or a high powered ruler of a country.

From ancient Chinese BaZi or Feng Shui, there is no absolute method to guide people to happiness. However, helping to solve problems or achieve realistic goals is very possible.

This is because Happiness 幸福 (xing fu) is something associated with our desire and emotional feelings. One will be happy when what he/she wants to happen happens. From this, we can conclude that unhappiness is what we feel when what we want to happen does not happen.

There are countless desires by all people in the world, however the material world is limited. The trouble is, our demands are too much, we  struggle to fulfill them.

Therefore, the ancient Chinese said:  知足常乐  (zhi Zu Chang Le) , means contentment and happiness. Happy and Content are always together.
If you like to achieve happiness, you need to be content, limit your desire, create a harmonious inner-self and living space.