QMDJQi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)literally translates to : Wondrous Door  hides Jia. It refers to Mysterious Gates Escaping Technique.

It is an ancient Chinese art, and is one of the war crafts. It was devised in the Warring States period (战国时期), and was originally used to help military strategy and tactics. Over the centuries, Qi Men Dun Jia grew in popularity and was widely used by Chinese Metaphysic Masters for prediction or selecting good directions according to specific times to conduct important events. Qi Men Dun Qi war crafts can be used for business, trade and other important matters.

Qi Men Dun Jia is not Feng Shui. Qi Men Dun Jia is more about the time and space. Time is the key element for the prediction. Feng shui is more about the Earth Energy, the physical environment and the Qi which created by the environment.

There are Eight Doors in Qi Men. Each door has different meanings and use.

1) The Rest Door 休门: this is one of the lucky doors. It favourable for seeking wealth, wedding, engagement, travel, starting a new position.

2) The Life Door 生门:this is one of the lucky doors. It favourable for wealth, looking jobs, business, travel, wedding, engagement ect.

3) The Hurting Door 伤门:favourable for hunting, chasing debts, catching thieves,  lawsuits. It is not good for other things.

4) The Delusion Door 杜门:this door is suitable for hiding things or for refuge. Not good for other things.

5) Scenery Door 景门:  this is one of the lucky doors. It is favourable for exams, advertising, display, travel, weddings, engagements etc.

6) The Death Door 死门: this is an inauspicious door. It is good for funerals, hunting but not anything eles.

7) The Fear Door 惊门: if you go this door, you may experience panic, fear or chaos. This door is good for civil actions, law suits.

8) The Open Door 开门:this is one of the lucky doors. It is favorable for travel, starting a new job, promotion, seeking wealth, weddings, engagements, meeting friends, meet nobleman. This door is not good for secret acting, people can see it.