DoorIn Australia, I have done many consultations for clients with free standing houses. Often the houses have a few doors, the main entry, back entry, side entry and garage entry.

Many people drive their cars into the garage and then enter their house through an internal door. The main door is used for visitors only. From my consultations, some of my clients have never used their main entry, the garage entry or back entry has been used all the time.

From a feng shui aspect, the main entry of the house is one of the major concerns. The main entry is called the ‘mysterious gate’. The Qi flow in front of the gate and how the door collects the energy is important. It affects the career path and well being for the residents.

Recently, I visited a client in Victoria. I was asked to check the feng shui and to improve their financial situation. My clients and their family had been in this property for five years. The house is located at a corner block, facing west.  The main door is facing a spacious green garden, the Qi flow from the streets and the garden is in a positive and meandering manner.  The west direction is one of the auspicious directions for each member of the family according to their birthdays. However, I discovered that the main door has never been used as long as my client resided here.  They used the back door all the time, because it was easier to park their cars. Behind the main door, they had turned it to a storage area, with many junk items. The back door is in the Six Killing and Five Ghosts directions for the owners.

I had advised my clients to remove the storage, and use the front door along with many other recommendations to help them improve the energy flow for the house, to improve their opportunities and wealth.

The front door should never be blocked.  You don’t know how many opportunities  you may  miss out on. If the front door has very bad feng shui, for example, if the door has poison arrow in front, or is affected by negative and unremovable object/structure, then you need to seek feng shui remedies. Blocking the main entry is not a good idea.