FayeWongRecently, some of my Chinese clients asked me: Do you believe that 王菲 (Faye Wong) will be a nun? To answer the question, I looked up Faye Wong’s birthday and her images.

Faye Wong is a famous singer, song writer and actress in China. She is a pop diva and beloved by millions. As a celebrity, her news is all over the Chinese internet. Her latest news is her split with her husband. She is religious, some news sources suggests she intends to go to a Tibetan Temple to be a nun.

She was born on 8th Aug 1969.  She was born in the year of earth rooster, month of water monkey, on the day of wood rabbit. She is a yin wood person. Yin wood is soft wood, represents grass, vine  and flowers.  For female born on 乙卯 day, she is tall, slender, long limbs. long skinny face. Wong Faye has such an appearance. For a wood person, she has more opportunities for wealth.

The month pillar indicates her direct wealth, direct power, and authority. This means she has stable income, marriage and is intelligent and thoughtful. Her year of birth indicates indirect wealth and a star of worrier. That means she has different sources of income, is brave, risk taking, smart and has an artistic nature. From her birthday she is interested in religion, however there is no sign that she will become a nun.

As a yin wood person, she is not well grounded. Although she wishes to, she can’t control the wind.  The yin wood changes direction as the wind blows. Seeking inner peace is her life pursuit, but not anywhere near to being a nun.

Her singing and acting career is hard to stop. Next year, 2014, the wood horse year will make her more active and more famous in the world.