Today was Sunday, it was one of the lovely sunny days in the winter of Sydney. Many people were out doing things. I took my son to visit the Vegetarian Food Festival at Parramatta Town Hall. The Festival was held by a Taoist Temple for fund raising.

It took us nearly two hours to get there due to the heavy traffic. The festival was very well organised, many volunteers were selling a variety vegetarian foods. We bought a lot of food and enjoyed it in a cheerful environment.

The most interested thing was the prize draw. I bought three tickets to enter the draw, and I won three prizes: a chocolate bar; a mirror and a lamp. My six year old boy was very happy with the chocolate bar, he consumed it immediately. I held the mirror and a flower lamp, and thought about the meaning of the items.

Mirror represents reflection, affinity, to understand yourself; the flower lamp represents brightness and beauty, it brings light in dark times.

To be given a mirror and a lamp on such an occasion, to me they are more than just objects.