My 7 year old son has just finished reading his first chapter book by himself: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It is a milestone for him. I was impressed by it. I  remember that I read many of Chairman Mao’s Quotations at school when I was  7, but no any chapter books.

Reading is one of the best ways to learn. It is also fun. However many people spend their spare time watching TV or surfing the internet, leaving no time to read. I enjoy reading. I read books before sleeping, while I am waiting and travelling.

There are many good reasons to read.

First, Reading expands our knowledge and culture. There are many great books in which you can find history, comedy and all sorts of other themes. Many famous authors and great leaders encourage people to read. Stephen King reads about 250 books per year. People who read more frequently have a bigger knowledge of life and also a wider perspective of their environment. This gives an advantage over all others who do not read.

Second, Reading is fun, and engages our imagination.  By reading a book you can transport yourself to the other side of the world or to a fantastic universe full of strange people. Watching TV or movies is not the same as reading. With some movies or shows we turn off our brains and just watch without thinking. Reading on the other hand is an active task. We are involved mentally when we read. The imagination is a tool that can help us develop our professional career in creative ways.

Third, regardless of our age, reading can expand our vocabulary and ways to express our ideas.  It improves our writing and communication skills.

From Chinese astrology and personal feng shui perspective, there are two type of people need to read in particular.

These two types of people are: Hurting Officer Type and Power Type. These can be defined from their birthday (Ba Zi) or from their characters.

The Hurting Officer Type of people are smart, creative, intelligent. They often have smart mouth, fast reactions, restless characters. For women they are often unhappy with their marriages. For men, they are often their own boss.

The Power Type of people are highly disciplined, good at planning,  managing, doing what they are told. They enjoy well planned and structured lives.

These two types of people need to read, because, based on feng shui, the intelligent and power elements are weakening or destroying their self element (the core energy). Reading, in contrast, is a supporting element to self energy, and it provides the supporting energy to balance the character and help the person to have more calm, rich and happy life.

To conclude, I would like to quote a Chinese saying by a famous philosoper and writer 韩愈Hang Yu from the Tan Dynasty):  书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟(Shū shān yǒu lù qín wèi jìng, xué hǎi wú yá kǔ zuò zhōu) which means the sea of learning is endless, the path to the mountain of books is diligent, the boat to reach the shore of the learning sea is perseverance. (see the picture)

Take the effort to find a good book. Hope you have pleasure with reading, and good feng shui with your life.