Some of my clients complain that their house is weird or  haunted, and ask to help improve the feeling of the house.

I have visited hundreds of houses since I became a feng shui professional. Haunted houses are not common. In Japan, I have had two experiences with haunted houses. Once I found out the son of the owner  had committed suicide in that house not too long ago before my visit, and the spirit of her son was still in the house. I advised her to do something to help the spirit of her son to move on. The other time was a Real East agent in Tokyo who was located in a basement next to a cemetery, the office was full of negative energy and the needle of my compass was never still.

I did a ‘zhouyi’ prediction, and found out there were ‘the others’ living there, I advised my client to relocate his office, and provided him with guide lines for a good feng shui office.

In Australia, I have had good experiences with my consultations. Following my advice, some of my clients have achieved tremendous success. Most houses in Australia are more or less positive, and rarely haunted.  For houses near a cemetery; if the house can achieve 阴阳(yin yang) balance, and with the entrance facing the right direction, the house can still have very good feng shui.

However, last week when I was consulting in Melbourne, I visited a client who lives in the western suburb of Melbourne. I drove past a large cemetery before reaching their house, when I entered the street I noticed a fresh looking house with a large ‘For Lease’ sign in front of it. When I finished my work with my clients, I told them that house for lease is haunted, the reason was the entrance of the house was opened to 鬼门 (ghost gate). They told me that house was finished about six months ago, and every few weeks tenants moved out.