I visited one of my lady friends few weeks ago when my husband was away. We were happy to see each other, it has been long time since we last met.  We talked about how fast the time had passed, and lot of other things. She then invited me to drink a glass of soup that she had cooked for two hours before  I turned up.

The soup was made from five different vegetables. and is called Five Elements Vegetable Soup. She said she gotten the recipe from a friend she met in a temple, and that she had followed the recipe for nearly six months. She also said that her energy had picked up dramatically, and her eyesight was getting better, She can do a lot more things than before. I was interested, and asked for more details about making the soup.Before I left I wrote down the recipe.

In Chinese culture, the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water & wood) are not only the basic theory of feng shui, but also the fundamental elements of human health. I have been taking the soup for two weeks now, my skin looks better, and feels good. I love the soup, and will continue to use it.

Below is the recipe,  I hope this Chinese recipe brings benefit and magic to you all.

The ingredients:

1/4 white carrot (白萝卜white, relates to metal element)

1/4 white carrot’s leaf (白萝卜叶 green, relates to wood element.)

1/2 carrot (胡萝卜red, relates to fire element)

20g dry Aretium Lappa L (牛蒡 Chinese call it cow penis, yellow, relates to earth element. You can get it from Chinese herb shops.)

1 dry Chinese mushroom (香菇 Lentinus edodes Sing.) (black, relates to water element).


Clean up the above vegetables, cut them in big blocks, put them in a stainless saucepan, and add water (about three times the volume of the vegetables). Bring it to boil, then simmer on low heat for one and half hours. Use a glass container to keep it and drink a glass three times a day. Drink it all up within three days. Continue with the soup until your health feels great.

The soup from these five type of vegetables is very rich in minerals, vitamin A, B, C and calcium, it can repair damaged cells and detoxify your body, make you feel younger, and gain more vital energy. Different people have different health, the results from the soup will be different, but if you persevere you will see a bright result.